Custom Personal Training

GetActive is about quality and attention to details. Here, when you walk in our doors, your body is the program. We try to stand alone with the highest quality personal training that's science based and experience tested. GetActive uses the OPT* model for all of its personal training programing. For optimal results with minimal injury, movement and postural awareness are key components to results. 

Nutrition is over 70% of your success. Here at GetActive, we provide nutritional coaching along with meal templates that range from weight loss to muscle building or paleo to low cholesterol. Our trainers will match up your profile with the correct amount of K-cals and macro-nutrients per day based on your overall fitness level. You might not be eating "bad," but you might be eating "off." GetActive uses sports nutrition based on your current fitness program to adjust each template. 

Full body measurements and re-assessments are taken every 2 weeks to track progress and to keep the program up-to-date. Measurements include 8-point tape circumference , weight, and caliper body fat testing. Based off the measurements the program can be assessed and changed if need be. Squat Assessment is also performed to make sure muscle imbalances aren't controlling your movement. 


Posture Analysis - After taking your measurements, we'll find how your joints are functioning. We will find what muscles are tight and what muscles are weak so that we can strengthen those that are weak and loosen those that are tight to enable you to have a balanced body.

Custom Workouts - GetActive will design a strength training & cardio program customized for your body type, age, fitness level and goal.  

Self Myofascial Release - After checking your posture we will show you how to loosen your tight, knotted muscles with the use of a foam roller. This will promote improved circulation, injury prevention and treatment, muscle activation, and flexibility.

Kinesiology taping is also offered at GetActive.  K-Tape is part of the personal training program. K-tape aids in injury treatment, posture alignment, and faster recovery time. K-tape is water resistant, with 180% elasticity, and is also latex and zinc free.

Applications include:

  • knee support for running
  • thigh and calf support for cycling
  • shoulder issues for swimming
  • Achilles tendon for soccer
  • elbow, rotator cuff and low back pain for golf and tennis


                     Personal Training Rates

Packages are based off of 1month sign up or 3 month sign up. Monthly packages are sold in  4, 8, 12, 16, 20 sessions per month.  55$-85$ based on package purchased. 
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It's time to experience what quality custom personal training is about.

Let us help you get where you always wanted to be. Trust in the people, work on your process and enjoy your product.

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