Trigger-Point Therapy

Trigger-Point Areas. 

Trigger-Point Areas. 

Trigger-point therapy incorporates deep tissue pressure work with 30sec-1min holds on "knots". Great for relieving pain areas and tight muscles. Afterwards,  increased mobility and overall improved circulation will be the outcome. Manual stretching is apart of the therapy to help improve the overall length of your muscles.
Trigger-point therapy is included as a service under 1-on-1 private personal training sessions. Same rates as 1-on-1 personal training. 
*By appointment only. Towel and water provided.

Massage Therapy (unavailable at the moment)

GetActive's massage sessions are customized for each client. We provide a private massage room with hot stones, oils, and lotions from a licensed massage therapist. Great for relieving tight muscles, increasing mobility, and improving overall circulation.

Leave here feeling great and pain free


*By appointment only. Towel and water provided. Private Change Room

***********Hours limited email with request***********