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Nationally Accredited Personal Trainers- Strength Training - Injury Prevention - Weight Loss - Flexibility - Trigger Point Therapy -

- Active Release Therapy - Nutrition - Strength Machines - Sports conditioning - Functional Training - Massage Therapy -


Personal Training

GetActive is about quality and attention to details. Here, when you walk in our doors, your body is the program.


Time To Focus purely on you

Built around your schedule, pace, and goals, so you can make sure you're getting the most from every minute with us.

Grounded in Science and crafted by experts, our training program takes the guesswork out of working out, so you can achieve the results you want.


Trigger-Point Therapy - Great for relieving tight muscles, increasing mobility, and improving overall circulation


Nutrition Is over 70% of your success. Our trainers will match up your profile with the correct nutrition program based on your lifestyle.

Kinesiology taping aids in injury treatment, posture alignment, and faster recovery time.

Full body measurements and re-assessments are taken every 2 weeks to track progress. Measurements include 8-point tape circumference , weight, and caliper body fat testing. 

It's time to experience what quality custom personal training is about.

Let us help you get where you always wanted to be. 

 Come try us out and see for yourself.

Massage Therapy

Private massage room with licensed massage therapist. Leave here feeling great and pain free. Call and book Now !

*By appointment only. 

Male and female therapist available


2 FREE 1 Hour Private Personal Training Sessions

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Client Testimonials


Farzeh T.

" I can't say enough about my trainer's knowledge in training, nutrition, their professionalism, and straight out time they put in for me to achieve my goals. I dropped close to 8 percent body fat in 3 months! I can do do ten unassisted pull ups and over thirty push ups in one will see results."

Miguel R.

"If you're looking to get serious results and want an amazing trainer, try out GetActive. In 5 months I lost 40 lbs. I learned how to eat properly (even though I am a Chef), how to train at the gym, and how to improve my body and fitness. You will not regret coming, just maybe not coming sooner!”


Rachel G.

"If you are ready to make a change to get healthy, feel good or fit into an old pair of have to step into GetActive. You will not regret your decision! The only regret you may have is that you didn't do it sooner!”


Kaylee S.

"Through my trainer's encouragement, can-do attitude and specific routine plans, my trainer helped me see progress that I would never have imagined three years ago.
if you need an extra push or someone to be accountable to to make sure you reach your goals, look no further"

Helen K.

"Who knew that as a senior I would be healthier, more knowledgeable about proper nutrition, and stronger than ever in my life? ! The iGetActive Gym is a perfect venue for this multidimensional, individualized training. "

Patricia P.

"Without a doubt, this is the best full service training gym!! The trainers are so connected to their clients and really take an active interest in your progress by developing a doable program that works!! Down 50lbs, more flexible and better balance. Thanks for you do!! "



"Just got back from jackson hole, skied a full day with no pain in knees... Thanks for your help. You helped me achieve my goal."