Hector Ortiz

The ability to change people's lives directly connected me. I have years of crafting my skills with all types of people with different nutrition, fitness levels, cultures, careers and lifestyles. I joined, teamed up, and personally helped build 3 different gyms in Orange County. From Corporate Master Trainer to premier private trainer.  Personal Training is about attention to detail and truthfully listening to an individual's goals and needs. Your goal becomes my goal!

"Think Athlete"

Julie Powers

My passion for fitness permeates everything I do.  My experience includes my own transformation, which inspired me to become a personal trainer and pay forward the gifts I received in mind and body through fitness. I started as a trainer at Crunch fitness, then success at Crunch caught the eye of Gold's Gym, where I became fitness manager. When GetActive opened in 2015, I was excited for the opportunity to become a trainer here. GetActive's fitness philosophy of focusing on the client's goals and needs to inspire change, so wholly aligns me. Thus, clients' results have been amazing!

"Better Every Day"


Erin Christiansen

With a background as a certified massage therapist for the last 12 years, I pride myself on the functional aspects of fitness. A client's posture and form speaks volumes. My goal is to provide clients a solid foundation from start by focusing on their agility, balance, core strength, and endurance.  Clients can achieve more than they even realize is possible, not only while working out, but in their every day lives. Not only do I try to put the fun in functional, I strive to help clients increase their strength levels and decrease their body fat percentage. If I can make you a better version of yourself, I have succeeded. 

"Believe you can and you're halfway there"